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About Adela Teoteoi-Pîrlică

Adela Teoteoi-Pîrlică is Fisher Law’s wonderful legal assistant.  She is a newcomer with an international legal education, who supports our team with operational, research, and file management duties.  


Her extensive legal background means we only get to have her in this role for a while, but we will be supporting her as she completes her NCAs (legal qualifications) to be able to continue her career as a lawyer in Canada.


Once Adela has her qualifications to practice, we hope that she will join us as a full-fledged Canadian lawyer!



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As well as obtaining two Bachelor’s degrees in Romania, one in Law and the other in Public Administration, Adela completed a Master’s degree in Management of Public Institutions with an Erasmus exchange program at University of Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense, Paris, France.  


In addition, she has considerable experience in legal research, with legal research articles published in the annals of the Institute for Legal Research in the framework of the “Acad. Andrei Rădulescu” Legal Research, Institute of Romanian Academy. After over seven years of professional experience in different areas of Romanian law, she decided to continue her career in Canada.  


Currently, she is enhancing her already extensive post-secondary education by taking continuing education courses at University of Calgary. 

Adela is an experienced legal professional with a strong background in civil continental law, as well as a variety of practice areas including immigration, commercial transactions, civil procedure, wills and estates, real estate, enforcement procedure, and litigation.  


In addition, she has provided legal guidance in construction law and monitored construction companies involved in the surveying of land and buildings.  


Because she has collaborated and worked with various international clients, legal counsel, and public institutions, she can provide services in English, French and Romanian.

Adela came to Canada recently by way of a spousal sponsorship application, so she understands what it is like to be new, navigating a different culture than the one she grew up with. She understands what impact being a newcomer can have on mental health and confidence and what it’s like having to start all over again.  


Because of this, she started volunteering with a Covid-19 support group where she worked with people in need of kindness and understanding. Furthermore, she found positions volunteering with various English and French organizations as an Administrative Assistant.


In her free time, she continues to volunteer in a community kitchen, which helps people who are going through a difficult period in their lives. She enjoys walking around the city, as well travelling near and far. One of her favourite  winter activities is ice skating, and she loves nature and wildlife.

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Canada has become Adela's second home because she believes that here each immigrant finds an opportunity to participate in a newcomer welcoming community, with many programs to help everyone, no matter where they are from.  


She has found that Canadians are friendly, and happy to help others integrate into their new lives.  Adela is looking forward to working with all of our clients and assisting them to come home to Canada.

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