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Family Class Applications

Whether you want to bring your spouse, parent or other members of the Family Class to be with you in Canada, the sponsorship process can be long and difficult.  Hiring the best law firm for your situation will help ensure the application process is as short and painless as possible.

Family Class applications are provided by the government in the hopes of reuniting family members with Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Sponsors inside Canada promise ('undertake’) to the government that they will support their family members with financial basic living requirements for a recognized period of time. This undertaking is a legal obligation and it lasts for many years, regardless of changes such as divorce, or family or financial problems.

It is important to note that if any forms are not completed properly, or if any of the required supporting documents are missing, the entire application package will be returned, and the sponsor may have to restart the entire process.  It is advantageous to have a representative to guide you through the process to complete forms and gather supporting documentation.  Fisher Law will stand as the direct contact with the government and immigration officers and do everything possible to mitigate any unforeseen challenges when dealing with immigration and visa offices.

Immigration Law - Applications - Family

Fisher Law assists sponsors by assessing the strength of their application.  Fisher Law guides sponsors through the application process and collects or prepares the most valuable supporting documents, ensuring that your situation is presented in the best way possible.  In addition, by helping overseas applicants with any inadmissibility matters, Fisher Law can provide relief to families during this often stressful, complex and lengthy application process.

Immigration Law - Applications - Family
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