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About Gurbhajneek Singh Samra

Gurbhajneek Singh Samra is a Senior Associate and the Business and Tech Immigration Lead for Fisher Law. He is a dual-qualified lawyer entitled to practice law in Canada and India. As a member in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario and the Law Society of Alberta, he provides legal services in both provinces.

His unique experience in corporate law and his passion for immigration law allows him to assist clients in expanding their business in North America, transferring tech talent, and exploring investment and entrepreneur opportunities. Gurbhajneek assists companies in creating strategies for their long-term goals, fulfill employer demands by bringing their top talent employees to Canada, and helping clients apply for permanent residency in Canada. 


He is a proud Canadian and feels privileged to serve people with their legal needs and assist them in fulfilling their Canadian dream. His journey as an immigrant and past work experience motivated him to now focus primarily on immigration law. 

Gurbhajneek believes that as Canada is a country of immigrants, it becomes the primary duty of all immigrants to build a socially stable and economically strong nation.


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Having graduated with a B.A.LL.B. (Hons.) degree in 2011 from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab, India, specializing in intellectual property law and financial markets, he then focused his practice on litigation.  


Gurbhajneek practiced in criminal, administrative, family, and constitutional law matters at the highest Court of State of Punjab, India. He moved to Toronto, Canada in 2018, completing his Bar Licensing Exams with the Law Society of Ontario. He took oath as a Member of the Law Society of Ontario in June 2019.

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When Gurbhajneek was planning to move to Canada, he realized that immigrants often do not get the right advice and are not given the right options, causing financial loss and mental stress.


He admits it took him a couple of years to figure out the right category to come to Canada, as many of the immigration professionals he spoke with in India failed to provide him with what would work best for his needs. Because of this experience, his life's work is now to protect the Canadian dreams of immigrants by providing them with assistance in choosing correct pathway, upholding the respect of legal professionals, and allowing access to justice for all. 

Gurbhajneek loves to travel, and his passion for sports and outdoor activities brought him to Calgary in 2020. He is fluent in English, Punjabi, and Hindi and can also assist clients who speak Urdu.  


His inspiration to serve people with humility comes from the life of his Grandfather, Sardar Jagjit Singh Samra, who believes that “In the end, it does not matter how much you have, but how you have made it.”

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