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Fisher Law

Fisher Law is exclusively an immigration and refugee law practice. We take pride in our ability to assist clients through all application processes and their related tasks, big and small, from start to finish. The applications and procedures required to obtain permission to enter or stay in Canada can seem confusing, time-consuming or even impossible to attempt, but Fisher Law is here to help you.  We enjoy working with all our refugee, business, tech, worker and student clients from any background, experience, religion and culture.

Should you require specific tech, business, investment or entrepreneur immigration advice, our people are here to guide you. We will help you through the complex process of writing introduction letters,  finding incubators and investors to work with, communicating on your behalf with Canadian business leaders, and ensuring your business and employees have a head start establishing in Canada.


In addition to providing thorough application services, we focus on litigation at all Division hearings at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, as well as presenting applications for leave and judicial review at the Federal Court of Canada.  If you are being removed or detained, are presenting a refugee claim, have had an application refused or would like any assistance preparing for your hearing, we look forward to working with you to ease these complicated processes.

By providing you with the necessary guidance to begin the process, assisting you with any complications or problems, and ensuring your submissions are detailed and accurate, Fisher Law will support you with what needs to be done.  It is essential to make sure the government clearly understands why your application or appeal should be granted, and Fisher Law is here to help you do just that. Let a conscientious and dedicated firm help you put your best foot forward in all your communications with the Government of Canada.

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From your first consultation, Fisher Law will work closely with you to support your immigration journey.  The best options available to improve your immigration status will be determined and then the best course of action will be offered. We are here for you, your family and your business from start to finish, and to whatever your future needs may be. Our goal is to be your chosen immigration representative for years to come and we will work as hard as possible to earn that trust.


Clients are entitled to zealous representation without judgement.  At Fisher Law, a passionate and professional approach guides the work done on every file. In any service performed, you will see the highest standard of commitment and a determination to deliver quality representation to every client.


You have worked hard and may have made many sacrifices to come to Canada. You want to make this country a home for  your family where you can experience a healthy, safe, and productive new life.  Fisher Law was founded to give clients excellent representation, to build the the strongest cases possible for them, and to stand resolutely next to them in their hearings.

A commitment to protecting our clients, to speaking up for them, their families and their businesses is what makes Fisher Law a law firm you can rely on. You have earned the right to demonstrate that you deserve to live in Canada, that you belong here, and that Canada will be a better country because you are here.


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