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Refugee Services

Why Do You Need the Help of a Lawyer?


By law in Canada, you have the right to have someone help you make your refugee claim.  This is recommended because the immigration process can be complicated and can take years to complete.  The process is challenging and requires patience and careful decision making.  Having Fisher Law by your side will help you throughout this ordeal.  

Fisher Law’s professional and dedicated representation will ensure:

  • your documents are carefully collected, assessed and organized;

  • all submissions are crafted with care and give consideration to your unique situation with maximum legal advantage;

  • country conditions are investigated and thoroughly documented;

  • the required forms are filled out and properly submitted in a timely fashion; and

  • your claims are thoroughly communicated to the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) and the Federal Court of Canada with precision and vigour.

1) Making a Refugee Claim in Canada

Basis of Claim Form and Documentation

Refugee Protection Division (RPD) Hearings

Refugee Appeal Division (RAD)

Judicial Review

Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

Arrival in Canada Information

2) Refugee Resettlement Programs from Outside Canada

3) Pre-Removal Risk Assessments (PRAA)

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