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Tech Immigration

The tech industry is exploding across Canada. For those vying to get in on the ground floor, being able to bring in their global teams quickly and smoothly is essential.  


From new provincial pilots, to PNP accelerated programs and from entrepreneur streams to the federal start-up visas, we’ve got you covered.


Fisher Law works with tech and other companies to find the most efficient way to get their tech people on the ground as soon as possible.

There are a considerable number of tech companies in the USA looking to open offices in Canada, as well as an influx of international entities looking to expand their enterprises into North America. The Canadian immigration framework has considerable advantages, as compared to the challenging to sometimes impossible paths to permanent residence and citizenship in America.


Often, the importation of team members falls to the bottom of the planning list, and companies suffer from having all the elements in place, except for the arrival of their key people.  


Fisher Law can assist you from the initial planning stages, to coordinating all application steps, to helping your teams prepare for arrival interviews at the port of entry.

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Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway

Initialized in January 2021, the Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway is newest of the Provincial Nominee Program tech streams, and it has lots to offer.


Expedited processing and a streamlined application processes allow for those taking advantage of this pathway to get into Canada with much greater efficiency than through other PNP or federal Express Entry programs. 

For a candidate to apply:

  • An Express Entry profile must be created with a CRS minimum score of 300.

  • The candidate must be working in Alberta, or have a job offer for a full-time position, in Alberta in one of the eligible occupations listed for this program.

  • The employer must be on the AINP tech industry eligibility list.

  • There are several other requirements and exclusions to assess carefully to meet the eligibility threshold, including not being inadmissible to Canada.  Be sure to have a careful eligibility assessment done prior to submitting any application

See the full eligibility requirements here:

AB tech pathway

Other Provincial Nomination Programs

Tech Specific Pathways


This program lists 29 tech occupations to receive prioritized processing in British Columbia.

ON Express Entry Human Capital Priorities

Ontario is doing tech specific draws out of the federal Express Entry pool for tech occupations in demand in that province.


Investment & Entrepreneur Pathways

If you are planning to expand your business in Canada and looking to immigrate through investment, Canada offers a wide variety of immigration streams through many Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). The selection of an appropriate stream and region for your business is critical to the success of these applications. Fisher Law can assist in selecting a program best suited to your business and experience.  


We will help you develop a solid legal strategy and facilitate your expansion plans and immigration to Canada.


For all PNP programs, see here:

other nomination programs

International Mobility Program

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) strives to free up trade between the Canada, the U.S., and Mexico and to eliminate tariffs and trade barriers.


It enables temporary entry for business people who are citizens of Canada, the U.S.A., and Mexico who are active in the trade of goods, providing services, and fostering investment.


This Agreement eliminates the requirement for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). For business visitors, it also removes the need for a work permit.

For tech professionals and intra-company transferees, it speeds up the process for most applicants by allowing application to be made at the port of entry.


Fisher Law can help your company navigate the NAFTA requirements and assure you that people are there at the table when you need them.

See here for more information:

int mobility program

Federal Start-up Visa

Canada’s Start-Up Visa is the first of its kind in the world, linking immigrant entrepreneurs with experienced private organizations that have expertise in working with start-ups.


Successful applicants to this program will be able to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents.

The visa process is lengthy and requires detailed review. Small mistakes can lead to the rejection of your application.


Fisher Law can assist you through all the required stages of application, while reviewing your business plans, creating strategies, and making strong submissions to the Government of Canada as to why your business belongs here in Canada.

More details can be found here:

Global Talent Stream

The Global Talent Stream enables employers to hire Temporary Foreign Workers in the tech and innovation sphere.


Employers must be hiring a candidate that meets the definition of having a ‘unique and specialized talent’, who are nominated by a Designated Partner or who are looking to fill positions from the Global Talent Occupations List. An LMIA is required, and evidence must be provided that the business and job are legitimate.


The employer works with ESDC to create a Labour Market Benefits Plan demonstrating a commitment to increase diversity in the workplace.

The program requirements for this stream can be found here:

Engineering Class
global talent stream

LMIA Applications for Employers

Image by Lagos Techie

If you would like to employ temporary tech workers from outside Canada, you may need to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to certify your eligibility to do so. 


This assessment is a rigorous investigation into your business, your treatment of workers, and the need for a foreign worker over a domestic one.

Fisher Law can help your team through this grueling process.


Assistance can be provided with drafting the application, gathering the necessary documentation, and ensuring your compliance with the stringent government requirements regarding procedures, reporting and advertising.

To find out if you need an LMIA, see here:

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