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Immigration Services

How can a Lawyer Help You?

Canadian immigration applications and litigation can be complex, confusing, and challenging.  Forms must be correctly completed and submitted, and extensive documentation must be compiled.  It can take weeks, months or years to determine your eligibility for specific programs, craft an effective application, and deal with any potential problems or delays. 


Fisher Law can effectively manage all of these challenges for you.  


The best law firm for you is one who gets to know you and your family, has the skill and dedication to deal with your unique situation, and can work most effectively to convince the Canadian Government of the merits of your case. Having Fisher Law on your side will enable you to relax, knowing you are in safe hands.


Immigration Law- Immigration
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Fisher Law will assist you by:


  • drafting exact, detailed, and effective applications;

  • serving as your personal advocate in dealings with government and court officials;

  • listening carefully to you when creating authoritative submissions on your behalf;

  • providing you with reliable information and strategies for pursuing your claim;

  • standing and speaking for you and your family in hearings or other proceedings;

  • guiding you through immigration processes, and communicating with you and educating you during all procedures;

  • skillfully writing effective arguments and suggestions for government review;

  • representing you and your family at Federal Court;

  • researching and collecting overseas information to include in supporting documentation;

  • researching matters related to criminal law or family law which may be relevant to your immigration matter; and

  • interviewing witnesses and others needed to bolster your immigration process.

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