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Some applicants have both the expertise and time needed to complete the lengthy application forms. They must collect and analyze the necessary documentation. This includes historical records, which must be presented clearly and accurately. 


However, we can provide assistance with these burdensome tasks, whether you are making applications from inside Canada or abroad.

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Fisher Law has the resources and skill to ensure an application is made to your best advantage.  A high level of efficiency and care will provide you with reassuring and much needed assistance, including:


  • completing, with professional detail, all the required government forms;

  • preparing, with absolute sensitivity to client privacy standards, the necessary personal documentation for applicants or family members, ensuring that the needs of immigration authorities are met;

  • advising on which documentation and supplemental letters could best support your application ;

  • providing guidance on how your case can be most effectively presented;

  • explaining any possible limitations or weaknesses in your application to assist the immigration officer in understanding your situation;

  • communicating with the government should their be any concerns with your application; and

  • assisting with the next steps should your application be returned or denied.

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