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Region Specific Applications

Hong Kong

The Canadian government announced fast-tracked immigration streams for those wishing to come from Hong Kong to study or work in Canada.

In addition, standard 12-month bars on applications for Pre-Removal Risk Assessments have been lifted, allowing those from Hong Kong to apply as quickly as needed.

Please contact Fisher Law directly for more information on these new programs and to see what assistance can be given through these expedited application processes.

Immigration Law - Applications - Hong Ko


Though it has proven extremely difficult for those inside Afghanistan to come to Canada, there are prioritization streams available for Afghan nationals.

These include for:

  • Permanent Residence 

  • Temporary Residence

  • Special Groups

For those Afghans outside of the country who obtain UNHCR refugee status, private sponsorship streams are available.


Special Measures for Ukrainians include the following:

  • CUAET - emergency travel measures

  • Extensions of status for Ukrainians inside Canada

  • Special applications for Family Members

  • Expedited processing of applications (TR and PR)

Online applications are available for most programs.

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