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Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) Litigation

Fisher Law can assist you to prepare for your hearing at the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD).  If you receive a denial of a claim or application from the government for any reason, it is important to find out as soon as possible if you are eligible to file an appeal.  There are very short timelines for this process. It is therefore highly recommended that you work with a lawyer who can work quickly and  effectively represent your interests.

If a preliminary proceeding was unsuccessful, it can be assumed that there are already issues which have been identified as damaging to your case.   Legal issues at this stage may be complicated and the arguments to turn over the initial decision have to be carefully and convincingly written.  This process can be confusing and stressful.  Through Fisher Law’s dedication to client needs, excellence in preparation, and commitment to representing clients in a professional and effective manner, you will be supported from the start to the end of your appeal.

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Fisher Law will help you to:


  • determine your eligibility for an IAD appeal;   

  • file all the necessary information with the IAD in a timely manner;

  • investigate your situation to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the information being provided to the IAD;

  • identify strong arguments and create effective submissions to present your situation most effectively to the decision maker;

  • communicate with government officers and counsel in an efficient and direct manner;

  • gather supporting evidence;

  • interview and assess all witnesses;

  • compile and manage the considerable file material for all submissions to the IAD;

  • communicate clear instructions, information and ideas carefully with you throughout the process; 

  • support you through the many technical steps of making your appeal; and

  • provide qualified, proficient and effective representation at the IAD hearing.

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