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Federal Court of Canada

If you do not meet the criteria for an appeal at the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD), or you wish to have an appeal decision of the IAD reviewed at the next level, you may be eligible to apply for leave and judicial review at the Federal Court of Canada.


Like all levels of tribunal and court in Canada, you have the right at Federal Court to be represented by a lawyer to help you through this process.  


Fisher Law will provide assistance to:


  • ensure all forms and documents are submitted in the very short timeline permitted;

  • assess if Judicial Review is the appropriate course of action for your situation;

  • amass all the necessary information for the Court;

  • write effective and powerful submissions to be heard by the Court;

  • take on the burden of all direct communication with the Court administrators; and

  • stand for you on the day and present your case to the Court.

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