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Refugee Protection Division (RPD)

Telling Your Story



Eligible refugee claimants are given the opportunity to have a hearing in front of an Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) Member.  This IRB Member then decides whether to grant your refugee status or to have you removed from Canada.


The hearing is an opportunity to have your story presented in person or by teleconference to the IRB.  It is crucial that all elements of your claim are presented to the IRB Member in an orderly, clear and efficient manner.  Fisher Law will guide you through the hearing process and present your claim to the Refugee Protection Division with honesty and integrity.


It will be demonstrated to the IRB Member why it is essential that you are able to find refuge in Canada. There are very specific definitions of a Refugee and a Protected Person in Canadian law. Fisher Law will ensure that the IRB Member can understand how you might meet these technical criteria.  Fisher Law will be a formidable advocate on your behalf, who will safeguard your interests and  represent you and your family with absolute respect and consideration.

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